Future Perfect Continuous tense anlatımı

Future Perfect Continuous konu anlatımı
Future Perfect continuous : gelecekteki bir zaman diliminde bir eylemin sürekliliğini vurgular .
örn: She will have been teaching here for thirty years by the time she retires next year.
örn: Margeret was born in 1950. by the year 2000, she will have been living on this earth for 50 years.

The future perfect continuous ,gelecekte başka bir zaman veya olaydan önce bir eylemin süreklilik içinde ola cağını vurgular.

1. I will go to bed at ten p.m. he will get home at midnight, at midnight I will be sleeping . I will have been sleeping for two hours by the time he gets home.

Bazen Future perfect ve Future perfect continuous aynı anlamı verir . örn: 2 ve 3 teki gibi. Ayrıca sözko nusu aktivitenin geçmiş zamanda başlamış olabile ceği de dikkate alınmalıdır.

2. When Professor jones retires next month, he will have taught for 45 years.
3. When professor jones retires next month , he will have been teaching for 45 years

future perfect continuous table

– Ann and Andy got married on june 1.st. Today is june 14 th. Ann and Andy have been married for two weeks.By june 28 th , they will have been married for four weeks.
– This morning I came to class at 9:00. Right now it is 10:00, and I am still in class ,
I have been sitting here for a half an hour . By 11:00
I will have been sitting here for two hours.
– I am getting tired of sitting in the car . Do you realize that by the time we arrive in phoenix, we will have been driving for twenty straight hours.
4. I don’t understand how those marathon runners do it . The race began over an hour ago . By the time they reach the finish line , they will have been running steadily for more than two hours. I don’t think I can run more than two minutes.
– We have been married for a long time . By our next anniversary , we will have been married for 43 years.

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